Press Round Up: Media Responses to Refugee Health Cuts Decision

July 6, 2014

On July 4, 2014, the Federal Court of Canada released a landmark decision declaring that the federal government cuts to the Interim Federal Health Program - a program that previously provided basic, life saving care to refugee claimants  - are unconstittional and unlawful.  The Court held that the cuts are not merely wrong, they constitute cruel and unusual treatment and violate equality rights (for more, click here).

The media response to this decision has been overwhelming. We have compiled a few highlights below:

CBC As It Happens (July 4): Federal Court on Refugee Health

CBC Power and Politics (July 4): Interview with Lorne Waldman and Philip Berger

CBC News (July 4): Federal government to appeal ruling reversing 'cruel' cuts to refugee health

Globe and Mail (July 4): Ottawa’s refugee health-care cuts ‘cruel and unusual,’ court rules

Toronto Star (July 4):  Court strikes down Conservatives’ cuts to refugee health-care coverage

Toronto Star editorial (July 4): Federal Court rightly strikes down Harper’s refugee health-care cuts

National Post: Christie Blatchford (July 4): Government policy on refugee health care exposed as heartless and shameful

Ottawa Citizen: Kate Heartfield (July 4): Refugee rules are bad policy, legal or not

Embassy News: Carl Goar (July 4): So much for Canada's generosity to refugees

Radio-Canada (4 juillet): La réduction des soins de santé aux demandeurs d'asile viole la Charte

La Presse(4 juillet): La diminution des soins de santé aux réfugiés contrevient à la Charte

Canadian Press (July 4): Refugee Health-Care Cuts Struck Down 

CTV New (July 4):  Government Cuts to Refugee Health Care 'Cruel and Unusual' Treatment

Global News (July 4): Refugee health cuts violate charter, gov’t has 4 months to change: court

Global TV (July 4): Refugee health cuts violate charter, gov’t has 4 months to change

Sun media (July 4): Federal Court rules feds' refugee health cuts

Le Devoir (5 juillet): La réforme d'Ottawa enfreint la Charte des droits et libertés

CBC News (July 5): Refugee health-care cuts: Doctors gave voice to 'most vulnerable'

Maclean's (July 5): Do the cuts to refugee health are amount to good policy? A Federal Court judge provides a policy analysis

Saskatoon Star Phoenix (July 5): Activist praises refugee health ruling

Globe and Mail Editorial (July 6): Cruel to take health care away from refugee claimants

Catholic Register (July 8): Federal Court reinstates health coverage for refugees

Calgary Herald editorial (July 8): Sick system: Judge is right to restore refugee claimants' health-care funding

Embassy News: Peter Showler (July 9): Refugee health fight will carry on to the ballot box

Hamilton Spectator (July 10): Federal Court exposes Ottawa's curelty

Toronto Star: Jane Philipott  (July 10): Cuts to refugee health cruelly harm the most vulnerable

Ottawa Citizen: Isabel Wallace (July 14): Canada's long tightening of refugee policy