A great day for refugee health care: CARL cheers Liberal government announcement restoring the Interim Federal Health Program

February 18, 2016
Montreal, February 18, 2016 – the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL) welcomes the Liberal government’s announcement today on the Interim Federal Health Program (IFH). Fully restoring refugee health care, and reversing the Conservative government’s cuts – called “cruel and unusual” by the Federal Court of Canada – is excellent news for these vulnerable families and all Canadians.

This is the long awaited end to a four year grassroots campaign and legal battle to restore fairness, compassion, and reason to refugee health policy in Canada.  CARL wishes to thank the Canadian Doctors for Refugee Care, the 20 national health organizations that endorsed their campaign, the CARL litigation team and all the volunteers who have offered support and provided countless hours of volunteer time to this issue.

We wish also to thank the Liberal government, including Ministers McCallum and Philpott, who have resolutely committed to restoring important health coverage for refugees, and all those Liberal and New Democratic Party MPs who have tirelessly advocated on this issue.

It is a proud day to be Canadian.
For more information please contact:

Mitchell Goldberg, President of CARL